Milligan Biofuels Inc.

Creating value out of canola that doesn’t make the grade.

Sell Us Your Damaged Canola

Milligan Biofuels uses a deferred delivery contract process to lock in your best price. The contract helps manage your cash flow and allows you to schedule grain delivery (or pick up) at your convenience. All transactions with Milligan Biofuels are secure and insured. When you do business with Milligan, you can rest easy knowing that the competitive price you lock is guaranteed. When it comes to payment, our quick payment program takes the guesswork out of receiving your money.

Milligan buys green, heated and spring-thrashed canola. We take it out of your bins, off your books and help you turn a profit. Here’s how it works:

1. Call Milligan Biofuels seed buyer at 1-866-388-6284, or visit our online submission form and lock in your price.

2. Arrange seed pick-up, freight, or drop-off at your convenience.

3. Take your cheque to the bank.


Milligan Biofuels has year-round demand for canola and offers competitive pricing for all grades of crop!

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