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Penetrating Oil

Made from 100% canola using no petro-chemicals and contains ozone-friendly, CFC-free propellant.  Use it anywhere lubrication is needed or corrosion is a problem.
Avoid long term contact with rubber and painted surfaces.

Diesel Fuel Conditioner

Milligan’s DFC is a canola derivative based diesel fuel additive that replaces lubricity lost in the refinery process of ULSD (ultra low sulphur diesel). Benefits gained by using Milligan DFC  include faster starts, smoother and quieter engine operation, fuel pump lubrication and cleaner injectors. DPF safe.

Milligan’s Rust Inhibitor is a unique refined product made from high quality canola derivatives.  Acting as a heavy-duty liquid for removing rust and keeping it off.  Our product is easy to use, non-toxic and biodegradable.
Avoid long term contact with rubber and painted surfaces.

Canola Meal

Quality, high oil meal produced from non-food grade Canola.  Milligan’s proprietary processing technology allows for distressed canola seed to be crushed in a cold press process using no solvents, producing a multi-use meal with high value for feeding.

Road Dust Suppressant

Milligan’s Road Dust Suppressant (RDS) is a canola based product which can be used on clay and gravel roads replacing the commonly used calcium chloride and other dust control products. High traffic gravel roads, yard sites and helipads have all benefitted from Milligan’s RDS.

Asphalt Release Agent

Milligan’s Asphalt Release agent (ARA) is a canola derivative based replacement for traditional products that can be harmful to the environment. It provides heavy duty performance in the paving sector as an ideal’ truck box slide’. ARA is often required in less volume than that of other products in the marketplace.
Avoid long term contact with rubber and painted surfaces.







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