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Milligan Biofuels Press Release

New Name – Milligan Biofuels reflects marketplace success

Calgary, AB (October 15, 2012)—The recently announced name change from Milligan Biotech to Milligan Biofuels reflects the company’s progression from tech-leading to market-leading in the Canadian biofuels industry. Milligan Biofuels is now a major supplier of bio-diesel as well as a manufacturer of numerous other products made primarily from damaged grade canola.

Since first commercializing biodiesel production in 2001, Milligan Biofuels has experienced a 700% volume demand increase in the domestic biofuels market. To meet increased demand the recent Foam Lake facility expansion has increased production capacity to over 20 million liters of biodiesel per year.

Milligan Biofuels now requires over 60,000 metric tonnes of off-grade canola annually to meet production capacity and end-use demand. Now a major consumer, Milligan Biofuels, buys damaged and off-grade canola seed from across the entire canola growing region of Western Canada and the Northern United States. To facilitate collection they have secured commodity collection sites at Langham, Saskatchewan and Killam, Alberta with additional sites being developed.

Farmers with green, wet, heated or spring threshed canola can call Milligan Biofuels at 1-866-388-6284 for competitive market pricing and freight options.

The name change to Milligan Biofuels was unanimously passed at their 2012 annual general meeting. To learn more visit

About Milligan Biofuels

Milligan Biofuels is a privately held company with its main operations in Foam Lake, Saskatchewan, regional sales office in Red Deer, Alberta and corporate office in Calgary, Alberta. The Foam Lake facility officially opened in June 2009, and in 2011 was expanded to increase production capacity to meet the steadily growing customer base and demand for bio-diesel and allied products.

Through ingenuity and advanced research and development, the company now offers co-products such as diesel fuel conditioner, penetrating oil, road dust suppressant, rust inhibitor, and an asphalt release agent; all created from non-food grade canola seed. They also provide high quality canola meal and feed oil to the animal feed sector. To learn more about Milligan Biofuels visit

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