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Creating value out of canola that doesn’t make the grade.

About Us

The “seed” of an idea…

Long before biodiesel became a familiar word to most people, farmers in the community of Foam Lake Saskatchewan realized that the small amount of damaged seed that was produced every year could be used to make fuel for their equipment. With this realization, Milligan Biofuels was born. Investment from the local Producers and technical help from Agriculture Canada and the University of Saskatchewan started to move Milligan Biofuels down the path to becoming both a pioneer and a key player in Western Canada’s biofuels industry.

Through the work to develop the seed crushing and the biodiesel processes, the company identified various additional products that provide cost effective and environmentally friendly alternatives to conventional materials. With the high demand for biodiesel still some time in the future, Milligan Biofuels further developed and refined these specialized products. They have remained as important parts of our business as they provide a high degree of effectiveness in their application and are in high demand as “green alternatives” in the marketplace.

Today there is a healthy demand for biodiesel world-wide and Western Canada is no exception. Milligan Biofuels’ Foam Lake plant underwent an aggressive growth program in 2011 in order to capture the opportunities of the expanding biodiesel demand. The plant is now capable of producing over 20 million liters of biodiesel per year that exceeds all of the quality requirements of its customers. With seed requirements amounting to over 60,000 metric tonnes per year, Milligan Biofuels has become a major consumer of damaged and off-spec canola seed, and purchases this material from across the entire canola growing region of Western Canada and the Northern United States. With this extended access to seed, Milligan Biofuels now provides the benefit to farmers beyond the region where it started, and has plans to increase biodiesel production even further.

Today there are 46 people employed at the Foam Lake site. We also have a Regional Sales Office in Red Deer. With the benefits that we provide to the local communities, to the Western Canadian Farmers and to the environment, Milligan Biofuels is proud to be an important player in the Biofuels industry.




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